Please note that none of the collections sold at Jeutonic are sold on the internet.

All of our collections only supply the authorised retailers as listed on their own legitimate websites.

There are websites selling counterfeit goods using images from designers to make the sale. We have heard hundreds of terrible stories about cheap knock off’s sold by unauthorised dealers. Problems such as incorrect sizing, poor quality fabrics, wrong dye lots and many more can often work out more expensive than buying from an authorised stockist.

While the sale of counterfeit goods is illegal, it dose happen and unless you are buying from an authorised dealer, you have no guarantee that the dress you are buying is the real thing.

Your suspicions of the originality of your good may be raised when the goods arrive and you check them over. Fake goods are rarely made with the skill and craftsmanship put into genuine products and often the materials used are of a much inferior quality.

Another possibility is that you order will be taken, the payment will go through, but your dress never arrives. Incidents of on-line ‘shops’ setting up, taking orders and then mysteriously disappearing, have been widely reported. Operated by professional tricksters these online shops look the real McCoy and could fool even the savviest shopper, so beware.

All things considered, its makes much more sense to forget the online ‘bargain’ and instead focus your energy on getting the best deal possible from a reputable bridal store. Buying you dress from a retail shop has many benefits, not the least peace of mind. You can be sure that what you’re getting is the genuine article. The dress will be exactly the same way as you saw and fell in love with in the shop.

Manufacturers are extremely fussy about the bridal shops they pair up with. They look for boutiques that offer a quality experience in every way as this enhances the image of their brand. Most do not sell their dresses over the internet, so unless you are buying a once wore gown, you should be very wary of ‘designer’ wedding dresses being sold online at a price that is significantly cheaper than in a shop. An exception to this is a once wore or vintage dress being sold privately over the internet.

So buying a dress from Jeutonic, we can guarantee the perfect atmosphere to purchase the most important gown of your lifetime, while getting expert advice from friendly staff.